Another Laptop Qustion (not for games)

Found 20th Jul 2018
Ok, so perhaps I'm being idle or perhaps I'm fed up of reading the same top ten reviews all the time based on affiliate commission. But perhaps you can help me finding a laptop. Don't worry about the budget for now.

I want a manageable size 17in that will be good for watching video and editing photos.

I don't like Acer or Lenovo & would HP & Dell are ok but are the any others, I like ASUS
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Cisco0606061 h, 10 m ago

Wouldn't touch the Medion but the MSI looks interesting. Do you any experience of it? I tend to think MSI run hot and I would want to know if it fully support a install Linux
I'd highly recommend a Macbook, ive been using one for 2-3years (after being a Windows/laptop user for over 5)

it runs smooth, no lag unlike all the laptops ive had in the past, where installing/uninstalling programs would noticably slow down the laptop months later
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