Another laptop request, sorry!

    I know there are lots of threads about laptops already but they seem to go out of date quickly so I was hoping you might be able to put up with another one!

    I'm after a laptop which will handle browsing, email, spreadsheets and my taste in mp3s at the same time without grinding to a halt. Wireless is a must as is a decent battery life as it will be used primarily when I'm out and about but in an ideal world will see my desktop mostly redundant.

    Price wise I'd like to stick within £500, if I can get what I need for less than that then it will make me hugely happy but at the same time if I can't then I'm willing to go a bit above.

    I've been looking at Dell and wondering if some variation of the 1300 will be ok or if I should spend the extra and get a 6400 (or even one of the Latitude outlet models) I can wait a bit longer if necessary, really I want to know that I get a good deal rather than "I need one right now this second". :-D Would have no problem getting a refurb either!

    Thank you!


    Welcome to HUKD + Thanks for the post Doesn't matter if it's anothe laptop request!

    MikeT is our Dell man and I would think he would suggest something like the 6400 or the 1300 might be well suited to your needs.

    But it depends on how much data storage you want. The cheaper 1300's come with a 40Gb hard drive mostly and maybe a 60Gb. I think the battery life of 1300 is around four hours [I'll check that out], which is pretty good.

    The 6 cell battery option is best for longer battery life on the 1300. Approximate operating time: 4.08 hours depending on usage.

    The 9 cell on 6400 is good for up to 5 hours without re-charging your batteries according to Dell

    Dell are a bit short on real stonking bargains of late, that I6400 that Ray points out is good value though and easily capable of what you need.

    There have been some nice spec I1300's on the outlet (returns/refurbs) for around £300 delivered. Hover there this eve late and refresh the browser quite often and see what happens to the list, its a bit short at the moment but will grow later I think.

    I bought an ASUS A6U-B104H for my wife last month and she's extremely happy with it. Here is the link and the cost was £550:…asp

    It's got everything you want in a laptop, even a built-in webcam. It's got 80gb hard drive, dual-layer DVD burner, a card reader, a very good graphics card (SIS Mirage TM2),...etc etc.

    It's also worth mentioning that it's got an AMD 64-bit processor - not the usual Intel rubbish ;-)

    for heavy use I recommend upgrading the memory to 1gb at least.
    Laptops direct say they have a Low cost double memory offer but it's a rip-off - they told me that it's got two-256mb memory modules and to upgrade they need to replace these by two 512mb modules and they wanted £128 for that. When I received the laptop it only had
    one 512mb module so I could have easily added another one to upgrade it to 1gb for nearly £30 or so.

    Hope that helps


    I When I received the laptop it only had one 512mb module so I could have … I When I received the laptop it only had one 512mb module so I could have easily added another one to upgrade it to 1gb for nearly £30 or so.Hope that helps

    If you want good memory for that other slot, now's the time to get it through QuidCo.Com as they have a 5% promotion and you can earn 7% in cashback from Crucial Memory.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the warm welcome and the advice!

    That 6400 is really tempting, I watched the Outlet for a while for 1300's but it didn't seem to have anything added. Is there a particular day that's best to look or is it an every evening thing? Or is that a secret? :-D

    No secret I don't think lol But as far as I know, they add things during USA times [Mike will know for certain about that], so refreshing Dell Outlet late in the evening is the best time for that reason

    The reason I suggested the eve look was as that day they added free delivery and £55 off so very early morning was the best time but you had already missed that so evening would have been when a few cheap ones that had been held in baskets all day would have been dropped back if they were not bought.
    There were several 1300's for around £300 delivered then.

    The outlet gets new stock added late morning and sometimes in the afternoon too, monday is a bad day, sometimes no additions at all.

    Any stock thats been dropped from baskets (not gently returned ;)) ie browser closed with stock in basket goes back in the stock list around 35mins past the hour after it was dropped.
    Its hard to give exact times to be looking so you just have to trust to luck and basket anything you see in your price range before it gets snapped up by others, you can always put it gently back if its not what you want.

    3am is not a bad time to look Wed to Sat as the stuff the pro's dont want will be maybe just sat there waiting for a buyer.


    who are the outlet? Dell? if so could you pass me the link the the refurbs etc please? I'm looking for a latop for my sis in law and need one £300 and under.



    [COLOR=navy]MikeT is probably a little busy right now, but here's the[/COLOR] ][COLOR=blue]Dell Outlet Store Link[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=navy]Choose either Business Outlet or Home Outlet from that page[/COLOR]

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