Another Lazy Request..

    lol ..

    Looking for a new phone this time.

    I've spotted the Orange SPV C550 on their website for £149.99.

    I ideally want this phone, however am wondering if it can be had cheaper but not on contract, it needs to be Pay as you go.

    If it cant be had any cheaper thats cool i'll have a long think about this one. However if you know of a phone with the same capabilities as this C550 then let me know along with prices etc.

    Gotta ask here because I dont have the time to browse around the net to look for deals, and people may know of better places than i do lol

    All help appreciated.



    The C500 is £119 and you might want to consider that instead.

    Very similar and in some respects better than the C550. The C550 music buttons are a tad useless and its slower and bigger than the C500.

    You might think that the C550 is a big step up from the C500 but its not. Internally they are the similar apart from the camera and screen. The C550 is only meant to be a "bridge" for the awaited C600... The real successor of the C500.

    Hope this helps

    Original Poster

    yeah i know .. but im looking for the C550 lol soz. I bet the C600 will be in excess of £200 when it comes out!

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