Another one of those post man complaints ( letterbox damage )

Found 12th Jun 2008
Does their insurance cover for this or have I got to foot the bill? He just kept pushing those over sized parcels through the letter box, well now the outside flap has snapped on one of the hinges. It's a PVC door and not sure where to start on repairing it.
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If it were me I would phone RM and complain .... we even have to pay EXTRA for letters/parcels over a certain size now (large letters) price was put up one reason including .... 'as the postman has to knock on door with them' (well he/she is meant to!! ) get on the phone & ask them to repair it !
You will probably have to buy a new one. B&Q have them, but you might get one a little cheaper from a local Double-Glazing firm.

We have a PVC door, and a similar thing happened to us. Easy to put in a new letter box.
Similar to us, we've got a wooden door with a really small letter box about 5-6" across, the postman shoved a DVD parcel through it and ripped the packaging!
mmm well my postie (temp one as my usual is on hols) dropped a too large parcel through my lounge window yesterday. Would have been fine but landed on the newly painted window ledge...
My postie always rings twice..... Bit irritating really as most stuff WILL fit through my letterbox.
Least yours doesn't leave parcels on the doorstep!
Pvc is going to break easily

Least yours doesn't leave parcels on the doorstep!

Mine does that too!
At least yours doesn't leave it in a bucket full of duck poo.
Had a missed call myself yesterday on a package from HMV, went to collect it today, was p*ssed to find that it would totally have fit through the letterbox as have done on several other occassions just by squashing down slightly the outer cardboard packaging around the HD DVD box contained inside.

Meant a 2 mile trip to the depot to pick it up.

Guess I can say we are lucky though that the postman doesn't break the letterbox or leave parcels on the step...although he rarely comes round before 1130 am.

What bugs me about this country though is unlike America whereby nearly every household has a nice sized mailbox instead we make do and complain and suffer with a ridiculous letterbox to stuff packets through. Lets face it its outdated. At one time we used to receive letters via post and only very occassionally parcels from relatives far away.

These days with internet shopping being much cheaper (as we all find on HotUKDeals!) we all find it more of a necessity to have bigger drop boxes for items.

Let the search for the cheapest of these begin as the next HotUKDeal!
Everytime I have something that needs signing for its left in my dustbin, does not even bother to knock.

Least yours doesn't leave parcels on the doorstep!


Mine does that too!

lol that happened with my season 1 of heroes but at least he managed to ram planet earth through the letter box yesterday, least i dont have to go to the sorting office :thumbsup:
we had a similar problem with White Arrow a good few years back.Our parcel had boot prints on it and had been rammed / stuck in the letterbox.

One complaint later along with quotes for the repair we got a cheque for over £100. fixed the box myself and tipped the guy who gave me a typed quote a drinkypoo tip.

I'd say report it, get quotes in writing and mail a complaint. Be prepared for them to inspect it and keep your damaged parcel too.

Good luck and take them for what you can!
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