Another pc question ??

    right i have an other problem.

    My mums pc had a corrupt file that made windows not work, so we got someoen to fix it for us which they did sort of

    they said they used a recovery disc and it all seemed to be working ok until you try and open things like when you double click on anything on the desktop nothing happens
    you have to open most things using right click -open etc

    Any ideas why this could be? is it because there is still a corrupt file somewhere causing it?

    Also could we do a system restore to a couple ofg weeks back and fix it that way or would that make it go back to having a corrupt file and windows not working??

    sorry for the waffling but any advice much appreciated thanks


    Could just be the click speed settings for your mouse ,What Operating system are you using.

    Do you mean when your trying to open shortcuts to websites ? If so try deleting them and then create a new one .


    Could just be the click speed settings for your mouse ,What Operating … Could just be the click speed settings for your mouse ,What Operating system are you using.

    Yup just default your mouse settings.

    Original Poster

    They are using windows xp. It happens on the internet too not just the desktop. On facebook for example and yahoo mail you can get into them but then the emails dont open when u click

    I will try and speak them through it on the phone to change the mouse settings. Just set them to default yes???

    Maybe the Left click on the Mouse is broke ?

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    wsell we tried to set it to default but it still wont work

    The right click works on somethings but not others which is the weird thing so i dont think its broken

    He was going to do a reinstall but didnt need to as the recovery disc worked but do you think it could be what it needs?

    Do you have an original XP disc or is it only a restore CD that came with the PC - there is a built in option on windows that will allow you to do a file check and repair of most files

    For details have a read of this page…htm

    If you can I would also recommend you try backing up any files they have on the computer in case it does require a format and reinstall.

    Original Poster

    thanks will give it a try tomorrow . we dont have the discs though so hoping it only picks up a problem that doesnt need them

    thanks for the help guys x
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