Another Pixmania Rant!

Just thought I'd give my feedback on after-sales care with pixmania, I had various issues, so I'm including the text of the email I had to send to a boss at fotovista. I had a call from someone at pixmania, but am still awaiting a refund!

'Dear xxxxx,
I'm hoping you can help me resolve a problem I have in getting a replacement fridge freezer for my faulty LG one, purchased through on 15/01/2008. I retuned home from hospital after spending 6 weeks there with my 2 year old daughter who underwent major heart surgery, to find that my fridge had broken down. Thinking that's just great, it's probably out of warranty, I was pleased to find out that LG has a 2 year warranty on refrigeration. So, I called LG who arranged for a company to fix the fridge. To cut a long story short, after more than 3 months of problems, the fridge freezer was eventually declared unfixable. LG have sent me a letter, a copy of which is enclosed, stating that I am 'required to contact the retailer from whom you purchased the original product' and they will 'arrange a replacement product for you'. The letter includes an uplift reference number so that pixmania can be reimbursed directly by LG.

Anyway, firstly I contacted pixmania customer services and was told that I only had a one year warranty with pixmania and that LG had to replace the item. I then contacted LG again who insisted that pixmania had to replace the item and then claim the money back from them. I then phoned pixmania again who helpfully gave me a number to phone to do with currys, white goods. I phoned the number and after about 10 minutes talking to an automated machine and it getting the purchase date of 2008 mixed up with 1985 I ended up being forwarded to the same LG number I had already phoned!

So again I phoned pixmania, who once again gave me another phone number to dial to do with warranties, they were unable to help again and said to phone LG! So, I phoned LG and had a lengthy conversation and they are adamant and made clear that pixmania must replace/offer an alternative to the fridge and then they can reclaim the money from LG with the letter.

Armed with this information, I attempted to phone pixmania again, but after being put on hold for 20 minutes my phone ran out of credit (after topping it up with £10 before making any phonecalls)!

Hence, I am here, trying to get somewhere. I have 6 children, have already had to buy a small fridge and freezer to tide us over for the last 3-4 months, and saw this letter as the solution to our problem. But nobody has a clue about warranties at the pixmania aftersales team. My daughter is due to have more surgery on Monday to have a gastrostomy peg inserted, and I really wanted to have this sorted out before then.

Please can you help me? I have attached a copy of the letter from LG.'


Good luck with that!! I spent hours on the phone to pixmania when I had to sent back a camera. Took them three months to give me a replacement camera, it luckly came through 3 days before my holiday!! I would never use pixmania ever again.

Good Luck (i'm having a similar problem with a TV from Agros!!) as countless TV programs have confirmed recently...... it IS the seller who has to fix the problem (automatically if the fault is found within 6 months of purchase but assistance can be expected up to 6 years of purchase if you can prove the fault is a manufacturer error) you're doing the right thing. Stick to your guns and contact consumers direct if needed!

Keep at them, it took me about 6 months to get a refund on an order that was cancelled because they refused to send it until I sent copies of passport and driving license. Got it in the end though

I had the same problem with Pixmania, got in touch with my credit card, and had a refund in 2 days!! didnt have to bother with Pixmania ever again!!

If you paid on your credit card they are jointly liable, ring them up and tell them whats happened and you wish to claim the money back from them (credit card)
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