Found 8th Dec 2010
They must be one of the worse companies ever! They 1st didnt pick up the package from amazon, so after complaining to amazon the sent another which was ment to get here yesterday.
But at about 7pm last night (after waiting in all day) I check the status on amazon and it says:

Delay in delivery due to external factors - Dec 06, 2010 5:00:00 PM

Now anyone have any idea what this means? Ive never seen it before. Theres no snow outside and the roads are clear to the depot.
Anyone got any idea what to do now as it was ment to be here yesterday but it wasn't

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ive been waiting for them to pick up a parcel from last monday X) told me they left a card( which they never) and saying ive got security around my door so cant gain access WTF! bunch of cowboys

city link are the worst for me at the moment

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Ahh i glad its not just me then, Weve not had any card and the gates to our building have been left open all week so they can't even use that as an excuss! It's only a hoover!


they promised it would be picked up yesterday but sod all - i will never use them again ,rather pay a bit more for a decent company


city link are the worst for me at the moment

And me, they left a brand new netbook on my doorstep for six hours last week.

pay peanuts.....

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Tbf, think they're all pretty dire, have had problems with hdnl, myhermes, collect+, citylink and even tnt

I hate HDNL !!! Many times they haven't turned up and things sent to the wrong depots, they never seem to get anything right, ASOS said they are planning on stopping to use their service in the new year because of the amount of complains they have.
I suggust calling the company you bought from and putting in a complaint so that action gets taken!

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Well it was from amazon, so unless they stop using them i dont have much choice, since it was paid for next day I thought they might use a better company but no such luck
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With most of these companies,it depends on your driver,i've never had ANY problems,with HDNL or Myhermes.
They always leave parcels with neighbours,or my designated safe place,or even with my sister,for me personally i can't praise them both highly enough.

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Normally there not to bad around here, but its just this hoover they seem to not want to deliver it! Its annoying since I could have gone to a shop and got it for the same price, it was just easier to use amazon.

I don't know why you're complaining,you've got an excuse to get out of housework lol

Did you see this at the bottom of the page,a list of postcodes which might be affected by the weather.

Your text here

DHL have stopped service in my area till 14th, person I have a trade with tried to arrange collection and after no turning up of the van, this was the response he was given.

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Did you see this at the bottom of the page,a list of postcodes which … Did you see this at the bottom of the page,a list of postcodes which might be affected by the weather.Your text here

No I havent, cheers although I cant see why they can't there no snow and every other company such as dhl etc... have managed to still deliver.

You have to give them a chance just cause there is no snow where you are it is different for all parts of the country. They may have trucks stuck and out of position for where they need to be making it difficult to get the deliveries Nationwide. Theres also the backlog to get through as well.

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I gave them a chance when i ordered the thing 2 weeks ago, and they lost the 1st one.

I'm gutted amazon moved to using HDNL a while ago. I quite often order things for delivery to my work address and the last 5 times amazon have had to resend the item via royal mail to get here. HDNL say they can't find the office when it is on one of the main roads in the town with a 4 unit high street shop front!

Had a classic today, same problems as you guys above, so contacted hdnl Hull depot where my item was suppose to be, the tracking system is terrible by the way!. My item was supposed to be delivered last friday, anyway the lady who answered had great pleasure in telling me i was lucky as there was loads more parcels which were due before last friday which people hadn't received yet, well yeah i feel really lucky, thanks, couldn't tell me when i'd get my item, but did tell me it was down south somewhere, great!!. HDNL you are the best!!!

ive used lots of couriers over the years and yes HDNL i find the worst
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