Another quick Q about fitting cd player will i need an adaptor?

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Found 22nd Oct 2006
Going to buy my cars CD player, but ive been reading the reviews and some people mention needing an aeriel adaptor.
Now being a female, ive looked on ebay, theres 2, and it says something about changing your car from female to male and vis versa!
Now ive absolutly no idea what sex my car is, i always thought she was a girl but have never checked :giggle:

But someone else mentioned this site autoleads.co.uk/ind…tml
At the bottom, it says enter make and model (rover, metro, later edition) and i cant determine from that whether or not i need the adapotor?
Can some fella who knows more than me tell me please?
As id like my cd player to be fully functional when i get it

Thanks in advance


well basically a male adapter usually has some kind of "pin" arrangement, while a female usually almost always has holes for the pins to go in!


what car do you own? sorry i think i have seen you post about it somewhere in the car insurance thread or somewhere else but forgot!

your best bet would be to just have a look, or go to a local privately owned garage.

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I did post it above :giggle: its a rover metro, the later edition
To have a look id have to take the unit out, which i dont have the tools for, im taking it to the local garage to have it fitted, but just wanted to get this if i do need it so it can be fitted/fully working on the day its fitted

ahh sorry, i thought for some reason that was an example :giggle: i need shooting!

anyway, no it looks like you dont need to buy anything! congrats

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Woohoo, brill
Well the garage have said about £10 to fit if theres no cut wires etc, so a good bargain

Dont know why you thought it was an example :giggle: must be the time of day

i had had a brew and not a coffee this morning :-( haha

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:giggle: enough said

I installed aftermarket radio in my Austin Metro some time ago. It had ISO connector AFAIR, so it was a simple job - take one radio out, unplug connectors, plug them to new radio, put new radio in. Not sure if they changed something in wiring when Austin became Rover.

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Thanks alot

At least it's not an Ovtavia - I had a cd player fitted, drove away and then found the settings were being lost every time the engine was off. Got it sorted with a 14 quid adapter. A few months later the drive started making a clicking noise so I returned it for warranty, mentioning the reception wasn't great either...turned out it needed another 14 quid adapter.

Shortly after getting it all working properly the aerial fell off


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I know its not that funny but i couldnt help but :giggle:

Save yourself 10 quid, honest, it's real easy. What you got in there at the moment? The standard stereo? Does it have a hole in each corner?

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I thought you were going home from work?
Yes its the standard stereo still.
I dont know if it has any holes, i havent looked.

I'm home from work! Have a look to see if you got a hole in each corner of the unit, be about 4mm across. If you have, then you just need the stereo keys to get it out. However, those small screwdrivers (the tiny head ones) do the trick. You push two down the same side and pull the unit. Do the same the other side, then pull the unit out. Disconnect the aerial, and 2 block connectors. Take out the existing cage, put the new one in, connect the new stereo using the connections and aerial, push it into the cage and your done.

On saying all that, might be worth the 10 quid!

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Hmmm yeah i think so, sounds a little complicated and i am female!
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