Another request for Wireless Router

    I know a few posting have been made for wireless routers but I have not clue about technology and need advise.

    I have Orange broadband in my living room and have just taken my flooring and skirtingboards off and dont want to put a telephone wire back around the livingroom on top of my new skirtingboard, I dont want to connect any other computer etc, I just want to get rid of the telephone wire, any ideas which is the best way to go about this, I have looked at the Orange live box but will have to pay a extra £5 a month on top of what I am paying now, I know the live box will give me free phone calls but I only spend about £2 on phone calls a month.

    All help appreciated

    From Woman who knows nothing:oops:


    Hi there

    You have ADSL broadband so you will need a wireless router and something on your computer to connect wirelessly to it. Now, if you are using a modern laptop the chances are that it will have in built wireless. You haven't mentioned laptop so I will assume that you are talking about connecting your desktop computer. On your desktop computer probably your easiest option as far as fitting is concerned is going to be to buy a wireless dongle. Don't smirk, a dongle is a small device that will plug into one of your USB sockets on your computer. This will send and receive your internet connection data between your computer and your wireless router which will in turn connect to your Orange modem.

    Sounds a lot doesn't it. Lots of wires and connections.

    It gets a little better.

    I have just recently bought a Linksys WAG54GS wireless gateway" alt="" />from It was purchased to provide my wife with wireless access to the internet on her wireless laptop and to connect to my desktop computer. The benefits of this product over a bog standard wireless router are:

    1. It has a built in modem. (you don't need your Orange one anymore (means less boxes/wires near the phone point))

    2. It is made by Linksys which is good for people like yourself (not particularly up to date with networks/routers etc.

    I will elaborate. My wife who is a technophobe was at home alone for a week whilst I visited some family when she lost connection to our home network and also the internet connection from both computers. I was unable to resolve the issue over the phone myself however she was skillfully guided through the entire network setup procedure by a nice Linksys support lady, in the Phillipines (sounded American), on a freephone 0800 number, within 30 minutes. WPA security and everything. I was well impressed. And so was she.

    It was something I had failed to do during setup I think (bit of a network novice myself if I'm honest).

    In short I would suggest looking for a product like the one I have mentioned before. The key things to look for are as follows:

    1. Linksys - Free telephone support for idiots (I have called only once which I feel doesn't count. My wife disputes this. She would, she's my wife.)

    2. ADSL or ADSL2 built in modem. This bit will replace your orange modem and will most likely improve your connection in doing so. (They normally give cheap modems with broadband deals).

    3. A package deal that includes a Wireless USB adaptor (preferably of the same brand as the router).

    Another good tip whilst buying this kit will be to buy a 2metre USB extension cable. This you will plug into your computer and then you plug your dongle/wireless USB adaptor into the other end. It will have the same effect as plugging the dongle into the back of the computer however it will be on your desktop instead and you will be able to set it in a better position for 'reception'. I am aware that this may not make a great deal of difference but evey little helps.

    I have had a little look for you on ebuyer and this product seems to fit the bill for a reasonable price:
    [COLOR="Indigo"]NETGEAR DG834G ADSL2+ Wireless Router USB Adapter Bundle[/COLOR]
    It's made by Netgear who are a very good brand and it appears to have some flattering customer reviews. Here is the URL:…374

    I hope you get some more replies on this as I am sure there may be other better deals out there and quite possibly some bigger geeks than me.:-D

    Sorry I forgot to mention the price on the above modem/router package is £54.96 inc delivery. I don't think you'll get 'good branded' quality and/or reliability for much less than that.

    Good luck
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