Another Sky Multi Room Question.

    Ok so I've found out some info on multi room from some very helpful people on here, but I still need to find out what the deal is with setting it up. I've got hold of another sky plus box and I'm pretty sure we are already paying for multi room as we have a standard sky box in the front room and the sky digital box in the living room which can both be watched on different channels at the same time.Do sky need to come and connect the second sky plus box up? Because I'm pretty sure they wont come and connect if for free if I already have a sky plus box and won't need to purchase it from them.


    you can get the cables and attach to your dish then call sky to set up another multi room and they will send your box and viewing card why not give them a quick ring and find out how much it is for fitting seeing as you will be paying another £10 a month they may give you a discount or free connection if you buy the sky box from them


    No. If you already have multi-room installed, there is no need for a further visit. However:

    You will need to have your viewing card "paired" with the extra sky+ box......and the bigger issue, the 2nd sky + box must be connected (if you want to utilise its recording facilities to the full) with twin connections from the dish. It's unlikely you have this already, but it wouldn't be difficult to do yourself. (ie just run a new twin cable from the dish to the receiver *in place* of the one you have already.) You don't need them to do that for you.
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