Another thread asking for laptop advice.

    I'm looking to buy a laptop for my sons B/day in November. Do you think its best to buy now before the Xmas price hikes, or will there be some bargains of Vista laptops when windows 7 comes out in a couple of weeks?
    Also do you know of any really good deals for £300 - £350 at the moment?

    Extreme gratitude & rep given for good advice...


    >Do you think its best to buy now before the Xmas price hikes

    I am not sure there will be Xmas price hikes.

    I think there will be a lot of deals leading up to Xmas, with companies fighting each other for the laptop business.

    Now laptops are available around the £300 mark they make potential Xmas presents for any member of the family, so all companies will be fighting for that part of the business.

    Going for Vista over Windows 7 is a personal choice. Windows 7 is "better" than Vista, but is also new so may have teething problems, at least Vista has been out for over 2 years so most of those have been ironed out.

    Many Vista laptops come with a Windows 7 upgrade option anyway.

    Personally I would go for a Vista bargain, with a Window 7 upgrade included (Vista Home Premium).

    I bought this laptop for my son last christmas and felt they were all competing for ur money. I got the specs I was looking for and then narrowed it down to what brands were good or not.

    When I found what I was looking for I visited a few shops saying oh but this shop is selling it cheaper bla bla and honestly was surprised that they reduced it - just to get our money.

    I am now going to buy another laptop and going to do the same thing. I popped into PC World last Friday and they said there will be the usual deals coming up but wont be anything spectacular. But to bear in mind stock levels as everyone will be heading out come December looking for one

    Good luck !

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    Thanks guys, I'll just keep looking for the best deal then!
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