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Found 25th Mar 2009
I posted a question yesturday regarding adding my son to my passport and was overwhelmed with the quick responses that this is not not an option ..... thankyou for those.

Now today when booking flights I see this on the easyjet site .....

13 Infants and children

easyJet does not accept unaccompanied minors under the age of 14 for travel. Children under 14 years of age cannot travel unless accompanied by a person aged 16 years or older who will take responsibility for the minor.

Special ID requirements

Children under 16 years of age travelling on UK, Italian, Spanish, or French domestic flights can travel without photo identification provided that they are travelling with an accompanying adult.

Children under 15 years travelling to the Czech Republic may travel on a parents passport provided they are travelling with the passport holder. Children aged 15 years and older are required to travel on their own travel documents.

now am I right in reading this that I do not need to get my (then) 6 year old son a passport to fly from glasgow to paris CDG (eurodisney) or am I reading it wrong and it means he wouldnt need one to fly internaly within france?

i'd ask easyjet but its so difficult to speak to a real person its easier here! ..... I am well aware of how dodgy it sounds asking if I can travel with a child without a passport but this does seem to suggest this is ok?

thanks in anticipation


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no all children need their own passport

you will need a passport - the only time you wont need one is for internal flights - ie the outward airport and the destination are in the same country


no all children need their own passport

+1 I have done some work with the passport office and all UK citizens wishing to travel out of the country need a valid passport. It is possible that sometimes you only need photo ID when flying in the UK say London to Glasgow

Everyone who travels needs a passport

Since 1998 all children need to have their own passport, unless they were already included on an adult passport. This is what the above info is referring to. Since your children are not on your passport then you must apply for one of their own.


think the question he is asking is does his child need a passport to travel to said destination, and yes child does, your reading about domestic flights where no passport is needed

we are flying to paris in april-even the baby needs her own passport -its the law now.

just to reiterate the above ~ everyone looking to travel outside of the uk will need a passport of their own, passports are for individuals looking to travel.

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damn, more expense! oh well thanks very much

Yep - bit mis-leading but you deffo need a passport for all travelling members of the party from 2 weeks onwards.

it just means travelling domestically. ie from one city to another city within the same country,

as everyone else has said each individual will need their own passport.

you dont want to waste all this time and money just to be told you cant travel because you need a passport.

no short cuts with this, sorry xx

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absolutley, I just feel easyjet could have worded it better so as not to have got my hopes up? lol

its Marc;4738083

absolutley, I just feel easyjet could have worded it better so as not to … absolutley, I just feel easyjet could have worded it better so as not to have got my hopes up? lol

I know its a pain at a time when everyone is trying to save money anyway, but at least it will last for a full five years so you wont have to worry next time you go abroad.

have a lovely holiday xx

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will do, thankyou xx

hi there...just to make clear everyone here is wrong !!!
me and my partner are both portuguese and have now a son(11months).
we're going to travel to portugal and apply for his british passport which was not granted as we don't live here for 5 years prior to sammy's we had to apply for a portuguese one in the portuguese embassy.
the embassy is not attending before midle august so we ask if there was any other option as we're traveling in july.
so there is an option...and this makes clear not always is required a passport!!!
it's like an urgent thing...we need to translate his birth certificate to portuguese and apostilled by the legalization office so we can ask for a "unique travel title" so he can enter in portugal.
it's a temporary thing but's not a passport.
now would like to ask if anyone knows where to ask for such title.
the documents are beeing sorted...just don't know where to ask the travel title.
could it be in the same office in milton keys?
thanks to all
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