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I'm at the end of my Virgin Media contract again. At this point I don't think I want to leave Virgin but the prices just keep seem to keep going up. I had a loyalty discount before and now even with the new discount they're offering me I will be paying more than I did before (even with me taking the option of reducing my broadband speed). I'm curious to know whether they operate similar to the mobile phone companies where if you cancel they call you back with a better offer as a way as keeping you as a customer? I'm tempted to try this method but I wouldn't want to end up having my account actually cancelled and losing the years that have been built up for any further loyalty deals. Has anyone ever doe this before?


Yep this is how I got my deal. Regular retentions played hardball. They told me to go to sky as it was a better deal. So I cancelled about a week later I got an inbound call.... saved about 30 a month.

Yes play hardball and wait....all comes to those who wait (_;)

yes i had to give notice got a call back the next working day

The way Virgin are going now is similar to Sky's practice, where you have to formally put your request to cancel in.

They'll call.

Far too many people were just calling retentions, they tried to hide it in the menu option at one point.
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Interested to know what deals the people got that cancelled ?
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