Another Web Site Displaying Links as Red Crosses

    My mate has asked me if i know the answer and i don't but I thought there's bound to be someone on here that knows! On a completely different website (not this one), when they view the site from their home PC or even their PC at work, for links, all they see is the square boxes with the red cross inside them. However I (and others) have viewed the site and we can see and access the links perfectly well.

    Does anyone know why this happens and what could be the possible cause(s)???

    Many thanks


    I get this sometimes on this site for smilies?


    I get this sometimes on this site for smileys?

    me too, mostly on the smilies and images i post but other times are other smilies people post, not sure why though sorry!!!

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    Yeah i sometimes get it on some sites with smilies but now someone else has said on the same website (again just to reiterate not this one) on the links all they get is the red cross?!

    Seems to be a random thing but I'm sure it's to do with the PC's settings???

    Go to internet options/advanced/multimedia...
    Make sure the "show pictures" box is ticked.

    Do the home and work PCs have anything in common?

    Original Poster

    No they don't. I am going to suggest they check their internet settings as above.:thumbsup:


    Do the home and work PCs have anything in common?

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