Another Wii homebrew question

    I've used the bannerbomb method to install the homebrew channel with no issues

    I've downloaded backuplauncher 0.3, put backup_launcher and cIOS Installer into a folder named 'apps'

    I've loaded cIOS installer and installed it with no errors

    However, when i run Backup Launcher it says "DVD Read Err (324) no cIOS"

    Any clues? In the gamma readme it says the IOS should be 249 but mine is 36, however when i load the cIOS installer, which came with it, it starts off by saying something along the lines of "downloading ios36"

    I'm confuddled



    what version are you running is it below 4.0?

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    Version 4

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    Is it possible to downgrade? Seems that might be the issue.

    Am annoyed as i only upgraded a couple of days ago

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    yes you can downgrade, i have done 4 wii's that are on 4.0 its a ball ache but doable- i need to go out but if no one has explained by time get back ill talk you through it and email you the software needed

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    Got it sorted thanks, i started again and followed the tutorial over at afterdawn. Just looking at installing the USB loader thing.

    Thanks though
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