Another Xbox 360 question

    I've another Xbox 360 question (sorry if this is getting annoying!!).

    I've only 1 scart socket on my TV which is getting used for my freeview box. I bought a scart splitter thing which I plugged into my single socket on the tv and then plugged my freeview box into one of the sockets and the Xbox into the other. (using the cable that came with the console - the one with the red/white/yellow cables - and the scart adaptor which also came with the console).

    It seems however that whenever I want to swap between playing the xbox or watching the tv I have to remove the scart that isn't getting used.

    I'm assuming this is normal, but is there any way around it? Having to pull out and plug in scart sockets every time I switch between the 2 is going to get annoying after a while


    Why didn't you just ask this question in your other thread? :?

    You only started it an hour ago.

    I think its due to the fact that you have a freeview box plugged in which will be constantly sending out a signal meaning it will have priority in the scart splitter. If you try turning off the freeview box then it should hopefully switch over to the xbox.

    You can buy scart splitters which have a switch on them, i think this would better suit you.

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    yeah, tried switching off the freeview box, but although the xbox screen came on the picture kept on flickering until iremoved the scart completely.

    I have a connection on the front of my tv for line 2 (line 1 is the scart connection). This is just a red and yellow socket. Can i just plug the xbox cable directly into this, and if so where does the white cable go?

    there should be a white socket aswel as the red and white are audio

    There doesn't have to be a white one - if it's a mono TV it will only have one audio connector. In this case the white cable goes nowhere, you plug the other two in.

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