Another Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Screen Question

Found 21st Jun
I have received the above phone and love it but I have a question about the screen cover that came fitted on the phone out of the box. It seems to be better quality than the usual ones that peel off really easily, so have people opted to keep them on or have you peeled them off? I am not sure whether it is designed to remain on the phone or whether it should be removed?

What have others done and if you left it on, did it stand the test of time?
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If it looks ok I'd leave it on unless you're planning on buying a glass screen protector
that is the thing, it has a strange textured feel to it which does not feel like the usual screen protectors! I am just not sure!
I think you're over thinking it lol
I would buy a glass screen protector of eBay as they give far better protection of impact to the screen.
And while you're waiting use that
I think you might be right!
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