another year in the asyllum for CHARLIETHIRTYTWO

    Looks like Charlie has been granted a day release pass to celebrate yet another birthday....Have a great one C32!!


    His birthday, does it make him charliethirtythree?


    Happy Birthday Bud

    Happy Birthday

    [COLOR="black"][COLOR="Black"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][FONT="System"][COLOR="black"][SIZE="5"][FONT="Impact"]With class acts like jelli89, DangerGod and warmapplepie on your side,........CHARLIETHIRTYTWO....whoever the hell you are (man, woman, child or goat), many congrats & I hope you'll enjoy blowing out every damn last one of 'em....[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR][/COLOR]:thumbsup:


    Have a great day


    Happy Birthday mate

    im sure its a woman! like syzable..?! yep c32 is defo a woman! happy birthday x

    [SIZE="5"]i must lower my standards and multiply with the cake eaters!!?*! [/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]day[/COLOR][/SIZE] ......... :thumbsup:

    happy birhday c32

    Happy 21st yet again!
    Have a great day! :thumbsup:

    Happy Birthday!


    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]happy[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE="5"]i must lower my … [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]happy[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE="5"]i must lower my standards and multiply with the cake eaters!!?*! [/SIZE][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]day[/COLOR][/SIZE] ......... :thumbsup:

    Have a good 1 its only once a year ... and owlass eat if you can


    Just seen this thread, now I have to wish you happy birthday again.


    Two threads for one birthday - must be someone we all think loads of or..................someone we all feel sorry for!!!!

    Only joking! :whistling:

    [COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="6"]A birthday drink is in order. Happy Birthday Charlie[/SIZE][/COLOR]:thumbsup:

    Got you a big curly straw so you can sup a beer with your straightjacket on.

    Happy B'Day Charlie! :thumbsup:

    Happy birthday C32

    [CENTER][SIZE="6"][COLOR="Purple"]Enjoy your day[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]


    happy b'day

    Happy Buffday.. :-D

    I feel really sorry for the other inhabitants of the care home Charlie32 has been placed in..............

    Have a great birthday Charlie :thumbsup:

    Happy Birthday honey x


    Happy Birthday from me to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Still, so young. :thinking:

    Just spotted the thread before bowing out for today...Many Happy Returns on your birthday - have a drink on behalf of the guys on the march - 30 glasses of Shiraz should get you a good nights sleep!!.


    Happy birthday...

    [SIZE="4"]Cheers to all you fine folk &....[/SIZE] release?!?...gotta find me before they can send me back
    Warmapplepie - no it doesn't
    DG - don't touch Bud (Copyright Owlass) & I only dance when the moon is full
    Edna_clouds - I enjoy every damn thing...can't you tell by my grin?!?
    Magicbeans - looking better than you in those Pretty Woman boots does not make me a laydee...
    Owlass - if there's anyone that recognises low standards it's me
    GoDutchGo - don't ever cook me a cake's doin' that same move in my belly still!!?!
    Suze - and I was soooo complimentary on your 14K thread......
    TrainDriver....lotta empty bottles I had to wade through to get to my prezzie at the back...I hope your heads hurts this morning....a LOT!!?
    Rockhound - there is NO truth in the rumour that I drink by sucking my booze through curly fries so I can say I've eaten!!?!
    Barneydog - I'm ready for breakfest now!!?
    Macdoona - T'wernt was good
    Sy - "Buffday" your dreams, your missus' dreams & everybody's nightmares!!?
    Gari189 - don't feel bad...I'm not goin' back without a fight
    Sassie - I can't believe you got me flowers from the petrol station AGAIN!!?!
    Chesso - young?'ve never seen the state of me have you?....I make tramps look posh!?!

    & finally The Drinker - T'was Merlot & I slept the sleep of the truly evil..........


    Barneydog - I'm ready for breakfest now!!?

    Jeez can't you do anything for yourself :roll:


    Now, is there anything else you want.........

    No, don't answer that, I really don't want to know, honestly

    You guessed I wasn't a muesli kinda guy then??!?
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