Antec p182 case at just £55.99, but is it a legit site to buy from?

Found 9th Sep 2007
Bargin price, no mention at all of vat or delivery, so thought i'd see if anyone has ordered from these guys ("Hamlin"). URL:

Found in on froogle - top entry here:…g=p

Dodgy looking paypal login ON THEIR SITE!!!!! :?

If its legit it is a bargin of a price for a P182 though!

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Hmm, possibly my mistake? Does go to the real paypal website (I copied and pasted the url into a new browser page). However, of course does not guarantee authenticity of site as they could still run off with ur paypal funds...

More and more often you get these virtual websites listed on google products/froogle and other price comparison sites.

They sites themselves sell nothing and they hijack affliate tracking info which google might of put in your cookies and replace it with their own.

That link shows that I think

site listed as "Hamlin"

but actually goes to:…=en

they#re even too cheap to get proper hosting

that link puts in their affliatate tracking info and forwards to misco where its nowhere near the price listed on froogle but ensures THEY and NOT google, get the tracked purchase.

Instead, order via quidco from a proper site

If you believe that you'll beleive anything

sub domain
free hosting

"if its too good to be true it probably is"

They're using free hosting, nuff said!, Avoid!
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