Posted 10th Jan 2023 (Posted 1 h, 22 m ago)
Ok, very simple matter but I’m flip-flopping all over the place with this.

Are the IEC antenna wall connectors male or female?

I’ve ordered a bunch of male wall euromodules but it seems that if one simply Googles to buy an antenna cable to connect up a tv to the wall outlet, they commonly get a male:male type. All TV-side sockets seem to be female. I know you can get female:male cables but it doesn’t seem to be the norm, appear to be referred to as extension cables and despite all this, even the Triax wall modules in my place are the male type.

Seems there is no real standard for this and I know it makes zero difference but the aim here is to make it dead simple for the future and not end up buying one to then realise that I’d end up needing that other type of cable
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    Have you tried a non-binary cable?
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