Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker [boxing]

Found 30th Mar 2018
fight is on Saturday night 10pm

AJ to win by KO in round 3.

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I don't think it's going to be that easy .... ?
AJ by stoppage in tenth btw!
arcangel1113 h, 4 m ago

I don't think it's going to be that easy .... ?

That's the beauty about AJ, with his power the quick knockout is always on the cards.
PPV is pricing boxing out the market.
grex91019 m ago

PPV is pricing boxing out the market.

That’s we people use services such as IPTV
nrackham7611 m ago

That’s we people use services such as IPTV

The first rule of iptv is not to talk about iptv.
Im on Parker.
Hope AJ wins but I think it'll be tougher than many people think.
Gonna say a 7th round stoppage in favour of AJ
lift off for AJ! hopefully...
cant see it lasting long, parker has no real defense and flinches every time joshua moves
though he has done a few surprise attacks that joshua didn't really handle
edit: ofc as joshua is a boring plodder it may take some time
Edited by: "brilly" 31st Mar 2018
Hype wins over substance.....again.
we need joshua vs wilder next
professorEX7 h, 49 m ago

we need joshua vs wilder next

Not sure if Eddie Hearn will be too keen on it happening too soon. Although it will be a very high value fight, it would present a massive risk to a series of other lucrative fights that Joshua could take beforehand. Not knocking Joshua as I am a fan, and like how he conducts himself, but Deontay Wilder is a very dangerous and unpredictable fight to take at this stage. I know the saying about a boxer always finding a way to beat a fighter, but seeing him in action recently, Wilder is the closest I have seen to Mike Tyson at his young prime when it comes to finishing opponents in an overwhelming and devastating style. Added to this, his almost 'Clubber Lang' villainous style makes him a very unpredictable option, and Hearn may want to first exploit the earning potential of AJ with alternative fights. Money talks though, and I guess it depends on what is on the table for a big night in Las Vegas.
Let's hope AJ was using this as a one off test to prove that he can outbox a decent boxer and do 12 rounds with relative ease.

If not then I'm not going to watch many more Joshua PPVs if this his new approach.
Jab jab jab missed uppercut jab jab jab.

It was genuinely like watching Klitschko of 5 years ago. Effective but a snoozefest. Where was the ruthless combos against the ropes we are all used to? He also looked poor against Takam.

I'm not sure he'll be able to do this against Wilder though. He has 39 KOs in 40 fights and if that right windmill connects its lights out for Joshua. To beat Wilder he will need to go to war and throw a big counter hook not pointless jabs to keep him out of range.
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