Anti Glare from dash?

    Hey I have just tested 2 high priced dash cams, DOD LS460 and Nextbase 512G, The DOD gets amazing reviews on the continent and I am not sure why, it picked up massive shine on my dash and also the lines from my Heated windscreen, it almost made it sparkle. Anyway I have decided to keep the 512G as its so much better than the 460W. but 1 problem still exists.
    During low sun or high sun just before it goes down, shines off my dash and my camera picks it all up, which makes some Reg plates unreadable.
    Is there something I can do to put on the dash, or maybe something on the windscreen which obviously is not tint as thats illegal.
    I was thinking of cutting up some very low pile black carpet with a rubbber backing, but thats too much work to make it fit over my dash due to the heater.
    Any thoughts all ?



    The 512 comes with a polarising filter attached. (My mate's did). Turn it until the reflection becomes almost invisible.
    Also, don't forget to point the camera downwards. You're not filming the sky, don't worry about the bonnet being in it. It's not a movie. It's solely a tool to help should there be an incident.

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    As above, point the camera down, you really don't want to see much of the sky at all, and getting more of the road, edges of the bonnet of your car will be useful in the event of a side impact that it will show what has happened.

    If glare is still an issue some cams can have polarising attachments to buy that reduces it, you simply rotate them to get the best effect. Failing that, a cheap pair of cinema style 3d glasses (local pound shop), take the lens out and then mount to the front of the camera after working out what orientation gives the desired result.

    This video shows nicely how well they can work…ODo

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    The 512G comes with a polarising lens that's why I kept it over the DOD, and I am aware to point it down towards the road, but I am still getting a lot of reflection. These past few hot days have been a nightmare for the dashcam. I am just wondering if there is anything I can put on my dash or window to stop the glare? I know these sunny days are rare in sunny Wales, but we do get a lot of low sun in the AM. Is there anything I can get for the shaggin wagin lol? Thanks again

    Have you tried turning the filter? You should get rid of most of the glare, however You will always get some glare though, the sun is powerful

    The Australian's put carpet on there dash to stop sun damage. Something smaller and less noticeable maybe may help?
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