anti virus

    need an anti virus for pc whats the best free one


    i use avg by grisoft, just type in avg in google and download the free version, it updates everyday and never had any problems with it

    avg is great they also do anti spam

    norton is quite good but quite expensive but worth it

    surfer90;1691662 - AD Aware, also brilliant at deep scanning

    Ad Aware is NOT an anti virus program, he asked for an anti virus program.

    I use AdAware but it searches for spyware NOT viruses.

    All the below are free and have served me very well

    Viruses - AVG Anti Virus

    Firewall - Zone Alarm

    Spyware - AdAware

    Monitoring your Windows system - WinPatrol (great little program)

    Also, dont equate free with poor. All these companies above also do chargeable versions and they could not compete in the chargeable marketplace if they were no good.

    Thanks i have just downloaded the AVG. Thanks guys and thanks to OP as i have been after something like this for a while.


    try getting nod32, type it in google. uses less pc memory then any other program and its quality and searches.

    For a FREE Anti-virus program ,as sugested use AVG . A very good one that will cost you , is Kaspersky .Thers's been some good deals on this recently ,ie 3 user licence for £14.00 . A very good firewall is Comodo , I've used this for a couple of years now on afew PC's and it's excellent and FREE . Dont forget ,your anti-spyware . Ad-aware & Spybot are a must have , both are FREE. For a bought one [anti-spyware] you cannot go wrong with Spysweeper made by Webroot ,same company that brought us Window Washer .Both are excellent but come as at a price.
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