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Hi all. After purchasing Norton security for 5 devices. I installed this fine on laptop andriod phone and tablet. However, went to install it on an Iphone. Unfortunately, only the basic anti theft could be loaded. Very disappointed.

Does anyone know of any good free antivitus app for the IPhone so at there is at least something on there.

Thanks in advance for your help.


iPhone DOES NOT REQUIRE antivirus. FORGET IT!!!!!!!

You dont need anti-virus software for iPhone or iPad.…t=0

It's one of the reasons why I am sticking with my iPhone.

Looking at the available anti-virus.malware stuff on iphone I'd say they probably reduce your protection by logging and accessing your activity.. take for example:

"McAfee Mobile Security

Sometimes you don’t need internet to lose. Any of your important file in your iPhone can be easily accessed by anyone in your near proximity. McAfee Mobile Security helps you keep you friends away form snooping your private stuffs. It provides you with a shield to protect your confidential files and even report you if anyone else apart from you tries to access them. Along with this, it also facilitates backing up your iPhone’s data so that you retrieve it according to the need. One amazing feature is Secure Snap, which stores all the images being captured directly into your secured vault."

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Thanks guys. I knew nothing about iPhones. It's my wife's. Cheers for the education.

That's why Apple are sooooooo good.

unless youve jailbroken the iphone then it is protected


That's why Apple are sooooooo good.

Yes it's more secure as it does limit a lot of apps some useful ones but mostly it doesn't affect users too much


unless youve jailbroken the iphone then it is protected

Just because it's un-jailbroken doesn't mean it's fully protected - how do you think jailbreaking exists? By using exploits in the OS.

Malware still exists, but is minimal, even when un-jailbroken.

IPhone itself is a virus
Hence doesn't accept any anti virus


That's why Apple are sooooooo good.

Yes I'm agree
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