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Posted 1st Oct
Hi, I only tend to use Windows Defender, but a few people have been saying I should use something a bit more comprehensive.

Should you use AV, or a Internet Security package which I think includes AV?

There's so many around at the moment, I'm not sure if a free one is ok, or to buy something like Kaspersky?

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AVG has served me well!
worf20101/10/2019 00:50

AVG has served me well!

I'll second that, the free version is all you need.
There's a silent / gaming mode that keeps it quiet too.
Avira or Avast, AVG is okay now its part of Avast and probably doesnt sell your internet history anymore.
defender is more than adequate
eslick01/10/2019 07:35

Avira or Avast, AVG is okay now its part of Avast and probably doesnt sell …Avira or Avast, AVG is okay now its part of Avast and probably doesnt sell your internet history anymore.

Does a VPN block that?
Ask yourself this.

“I only have Windows Defender, have I had a virus?”

If the answer is NO then you probably do not need an anti-virus software because Windows Defender is doing it’s job!
Malwarebytes has served me well for extra protection
Windows Defender + Malwarebytes is all you need
esar01/10/2019 10:06

Does a VPN block that?

if you are talking the history then dont think it would as AVG pulled the data from your search rather than the traffic, but guessing AVG dont do it anymore since they were bought by Avast.
Windows Defender is fine, most people infect their machines by doing something stupid, like opening files they download without scanning them first, scan everything you download before you open it.

The chance of getting hacked and someone placing something on your system is probably zero.

FYI - Sandboxie has just become free and is moving to open source, if you want an extra layer of protection that's the way to go, nothing can access your system when it's sandboxed.

Heres a good example of how Sandboxie works.

Sandboxie Isolation Demonstration
Edited by: "4Real2016" 1st Oct
If you don't search for porn or illegally download software and you understand no to view email attachments from people you don't know - you have no need for AV. But perhaps that's a bit much for most people to accept today :-)

If you don't store passwords in files or save passwords for accounts for offered to by windows - the is no need for these extra "security" products even if they did work which they don't in most cases. What you have to bare in mind is that all this is a "repair" service. These companies don't know about vulnerabilities until they are exposed, they don't know about viri that has not been coded. They can only pick up on behaviour and code samples. So the is always a risk of a new threat and you would be open to it till they find a fix.

If you want a comfort blanket better than the install MS one use this one - They tend to meet the needs on features & not killing most the power on your machine -

Just advice after working in IT security since the 1990s feel free to ignore.
bally1234501/10/2019 10:41

Malwarebytes has served me well for extra protection

I also use CC Cleaner free as well (better safe than sorry).
I've never had additional AV protection over and about what's included with Windows, and I've never had a virus.
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