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Found 6th Oct 2008
Can anyone suggest an anti virus software I could use for 3 computers. Norton and MacFee are everywhere but no-one rates them very highly on this site - any ideas?

Also my son has a desk top computer that is so slow it is almost going backwards. Is there an add-on we can purchase to speed it up or is that not possible. The computer is only a few months old and wasn't very expensive (he bought it from Asda with his paper round money).
Any advice would be appreciated.

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Kaspersky rocks.
Avira Antivir every time !
AVG is brilliant and free.
I would also go with AVG (big factor being it's FREE!)

Although your pc is new it may need more memory - do you know if this is possible?

Run a defrag on your hard drive(s)

If you want to you could delete your internet browsing history - I regularly use CC Cleaner to tidy up my pc.

Antivir is also free and has better detection that AVG - (Comparible to Kaspersky)

avg get it free from [url]www.download.com[/url]
i always use AVG:thumbsup:
Another vote for AVG, been using it for years, never let me down! :thumbsup:
Kapersky and Nod32 are supposed to be very good commercial ones, but the free Avast!/Antivir/AVG are well thought of.

Nothing a few months old should be slow, so either it's broken/has a problem or it wasn't fit for purpose in the first place. Do you know the specifications of it?
If you want free , then use AVG8 , but I think the best paid one is Kaspersky . You can buy a 2 or 3 user licence . They have offers every now and then from there website ,I bought a 3 user licence for £14.99.
Really pays to have a good anti-virus program nowadays ,so many bad sites and dodgy e-mails .Kaspersky picks up those e-mails as soon as they hit your mail-box.
zone alarm
]AVG 8 is the best for your needs! if your computer is running slow first download ]CC cleaner and run this its free then run ]defraggler also go to ]crucial and let it do an automatic scan it will tell you how much RAM you have I would suggest the minimum you need for XP is 1GIG but 512 would proably be ok for just internet surfing.
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Thanks for your help guys, much appreciated.
windows onecare covers 3 pc's about £35 for the pack, onecare.live.com/sta…htm

You can trial it for 90 days free of charge, I would highly recommend it :thumbsup:
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