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Posted 21st Nov
What do people use? Is microsoft anti-virus in Windows 10 really good enough? Apparently it's a lot better than when it first come out. I currently use avast free and malwarebytes free, just wondering what others use and whether these are neccessary? I don't see many viruses really, ad blocker probably helps. Avast will pop up on the screen and block the connection to a website if it finds something (usually just a .generic threat) does Windows 10 Anti virus do the same or does it just scan files?
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I’ve used Avast for around 10 years now.
Works great, withno issues.
Just use the built in W10 stuff and don`t go onto dodgy sites or download junk
avg free version for me, seems to do the trick.
AVG Free + Malwarebytes Lifetime subscription does it for me. In fact if I could only have one it would likely be Malwarebytes (paid for version, not the free on demand scanner).

If you are concerned why not have a look at what your online banking offers you - most include a couple of licenses of something.

If you want the best I would recommend Bitdefender, scores very high in independant tests but can also be a bit overzealous.
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Avira free one, tried Avast and couldn’t get away with it years ago never went back, used to use AVG until they were found to be selling your data but they were eventually sold to Avast after that.
use windows 10 defender..then run malwarebytes on the pc too....this is more than enough
Windows Defender is fine, most people infect their own machine through stupidity, I've done it myself in the past just from being lazy.

Sandboxie is now free and definitely worth installing, open anything without worrying, if it contains a virus it doesn't matter as it's sandboxed, you can sandbox anything, browsers, email, folders, programs, etc.

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4Real201621/11/2019 22:45

Sandboxie is now free ...

Sandboxie has always been free for personal use.
Norton sinces years, no problems and cheap.
Sophos Home - about the mildest in promoting the paid version, and I've found systems to generally be more responsive than when using Windows Defender
Windows Defender is all that you really need.
I use Kaspersky, can pick it up very cheap from ebay. Have also used nod32 in the past, both very good.

If you dont really download then their not necessary, I run sandboxie as well, lovely wee tool
Just use inbuilt anti virus, more than adequate. Anti virus programs tend to slow your machine down more than a virus would, with minimal advantages over the inbuilt one. However if you're always downloading dodgy stuff might be worth it.
TobyZ21/11/2019 23:06

Sandboxie has always been free for personal use.

The free version lacked some features, it also kept reminding you to upgrade.
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Wow lots of different opinions I have downloaded sandboxie, didn't know it was free. I used to use AVG then heard about them selling data so went to Avast which is fine, has a lot of popups though. May look into Windows defender some more. Thanks for the advice!
Use Sophos free myself it don't slow down my machines as much as some of the others.
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