Does anyone know of any good antivirus software with free license, similar to avg. i am currently using avg but it keeps on crashing my firefox. any ideas would be appreciated, thx!


    Get rid of Firefox.

    Avira AntiVir is the most effective free anti virus software.

    i've found it is worse for updates than AVG however, but overall the detection rates make it the better choice imo

    mozilla/ avg 8 no probs as yet

    I recommend Avast Antivirus as well. I am using home edition and never had a problem with it so far.

    Plus it has an on access scanner that will scan your PC while you are browsing your computer.

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    mozilla/ avg 8 no probs as yet

    have you noticed any signs of your system being slowed down?

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    cheers for the recommendations!


    Have a look in The Download thread for a few free Antivirus links

    Yep, Avast gets my vote too.

    i'm running avg8 with fluff-fox on 3 machines, no problems. have you checked flip-fox for any add-in updates and that no add-ins are freaking out?

    all the best antivirus on [url][/url]

    I also use firefox and avg and have had no compatibility issues and i love firefox but am beginning to hate AVG as it constantly wants to upgrade to the full "AVG Internet Security" which is annoying and it doesnt automatically scan as well as it used to if you dont upgrade.
    I am considering swapping to Avast or are there any other better ones?

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    Thx everyone, off with Avast

    AVG for me, ive always used it

    Ok then me too
    Avast it is.
    thanks guys


    Get rid of Firefox.

    In favour of what?:shock:


    Yep, Avast gets my vote too.

    But are there any better features of avast compared to AVG or is it just personal preference, as after changing a couple of AVGs settings i think ive fixed it.
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