Antivirus & Firewall for Windows 98SE

    Anyone know of good free Antivirus and Firewall Programs for Windows 98SE?


    [COLOR="Purple"]Try this site, I used it to choose my Antivirus, Firewall and Spyware, all free![/COLOR]

    Here's a free software firewall ]http//ww…tml

    AVG is a good one

    AVG was and is universally agreed to be the best. I tried Avast but it was not for me.

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    Thanks folks. AVG only seems to be for XP and Vista now. Comodo Firewall is not for Windows 98 either.


    I use AVG, but had to stop using it on my old PC when they stopped supporting win98. I have noticed AVAST is mentioned quite a lot & I've just checked their website & it's listing winXP as one of the accepted platforms (even lists win95 up to Vista under platforms).

    Latest free version is Avast 4 Home Edition >

    There's not many free firewalls for Win98, but Jetico is mentioned by a few sites, but must be version1 (v2 doesn't support w98) >
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