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Antivirus Software Free and Recommended

Hey just recently purchased a laptop

Can anyone recommend a free anti virus software which I can download and is effective
If I do buy an anti virus software which would you recommend?

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    Windows Defender is built in. No need to waste money nor install anything else. This works fine and doesn’t affect the performance of your laptop. You don’t need anything more.
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    As long as you have a decent amount of common sense as well - normal don't click on links you don't trust.
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    AV is to save people from themselves because you can't teach common sense.

    That being said ublock origin although an adblocker has saved my mother from going on countless phishing and malware sites.

    Adblockers contain malware and phishing domains too on their block lists, use them people! (edited)
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    Bitdefender free
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    Kaspersky Premium Total Security 2024

    I think it is made by Chelsea, I mean by Kaspersky.
    Or you could check your bank, maybe they offer free antivirus.

    If you are using your laptop for surfing the net and some word and excel, then worth checking Linux Mint or some other Linux distros, no need for an antivirus there.
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    Good point (and one I'm usually all over).

    OP doesn't say what they bought - everyone assumes it's Windoze, but could be a Mac, a Chromebook or FreeDOS
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    Assuming Windoze:
    combination of standard integral Windoze AV plus decent browser adblocker such as "Ublock Origin".

    Chrome-based browsers are soon to limit/disable adblockers so maybe best to avoid Chrome-based browsers in general.
    Source: websearch results for
    manifest v3 standard + adblockers
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