Antivirus XP 2008

    I appear to have acquired a very aggressive self installed program that has taken over my PC. It purports to be an XP antivirus but I can't uinstall it and it pops up all the time. It's even wiped my wallpaper. Does anybody know how I can rid my machine of this? Help.

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    Everything you need should be in there

    (I'm assuming you have XP)

    Hope that helps.

    This is how I got rid of it on a mates computer go down to the malwarebytes section download and run that, and it will solve your problem…008


    Link doesn't work for me.


    Link doesn't work for me.

    Fine here! :thumbsup:


    Fine here! :thumbsup:

    Hmmm, doesn't work in Opera, IE8 or Firefox.
    I will have to take your word for it, and hope it's on my end.


    Link doesn't work for me.

    I wonder why?:thumbsup: I have heard that some of these rogue programs stop you getting to sites where you can kill them.

    [url][/url] got rid of my virus

    All u need is MalwareBytes gets rid of it str8 away. Ive used this on alot of pcs.

    hers a guide to doing it your self wo installing anything else…09/

    bit more complex but safer

    i had this and also someone i know did too and im pretty sure MalwareBytes sorted the problem out for me, its a nasty little virus/spyware,
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