Antivirus/Internet Security Software

    Hi Guys

    Anyone know any good offers on Antivirus/Internet Security software

    A decent antivirus is a necessity but the internet security would be an added bonus

    Any info would be most welcome - thanks


    If you put some money in an account with Barclays you can get Kaspersky for free.

    AVG Free is pretty good, but watch out for the Yahoo parastieware. It also tends to have an ad in tow in the"notification panel", but it's possible to get rid of that. (see last post HERE).

    Avast, havent had a virus yet since using it. Then id also do a scan every so often with malwarebytes anti malware


    Anything but AVG - it is useless


    comodo internet security - v.good AND free

    Original Poster

    thanks for the help guys - My new lappie says thanks as well lol
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