ANy 0.00 cashback deals out there, 12 or 18 mths?

    Any one knows about mobile phone deals with cash backs deals.
    I mean is at the end the effective cost will be NIL
    I just finished my cash back deal with phones4u 12 months contract which i was paying 30 pounds per month. I had the cash back at regular intervals which made the effective cost to 0.00 per month when i look back.
    I was lucky that all of my cash backs i received.

    Any pointers greatly appreciated peeps!


    Few offers @ [18 months Free 18 month contract] - however check their reviews before buying

    yeh i do advise you to either stay with the mainstream 3rd party sites that offer cashback, or thoroughly check whether the site you do end up going to has a reputable feedback from many customers, as you know with the 100s of new contract sites popping up everyday, they might not be around in 6months time for all we know

    Word of warning.. quite a few companies have changed the way the cash back works since summer.
    making it harder to claim..
    since every one has been claiming rebates.. cashback idea hasnt really been profitable for them..


    Try they were pretty good with my last contract
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