any 1 ever used a hand mower ?

    instead of buying my normal electric flymo , i was going to get a cylinder hand mower , a panther 380 , one of the things on wheels that you push along .

    Has any 1 had any experience of using such a mower ? I got a feeling its going to be a bit of a waste of time however ?


    They are excellent, so much better than an electric mower.

    I leave the grass collecting box off mine, so much quicker and you can get away with the grass being damp

    Yes as far as I know you have to push it and it makes better lines in your lawn.

    it keeps you fit

    you need to keep the blades sharp

    you can't let the grass get long, ie twice a week in the summer.

    Also keeps you fitter! MY friend has one and her grass looks a lot 'sharper' than mine and she's lost weight as well!

    If you count the time taken to setup an electric etc then its almost quicker!

    They're much better than electric mowers in my experience, just a bit more hard work to use.


    shouldnt the OP be asking :-

    has anyone NOT used a manual lawn mower?

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    shouldnt the OP be asking :-has anyone NOT used a manual lawn mower?

    didnt know they were so popular , ive never seen any 1 using 1 round where i live .

    Anyway thanks for your replies , defo going to get 1 this aft then .

    Cylinder mowers cut the lawn lie a pair of scissors as the blades pass each other,unlike rotary mowers that more or less tear the grass apart ,This makes a much better of keeping the cut the same length ,Which is nice,

    if you have long grass then the push ones are very hard to get all the grass cut. i think you should have the push mower as a spare to use when you want to give the grass a quick trim.

    ill be sure to ask my gardener when he comes over


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    OMG ! just used the manual 1 , cant believe i have been using a crappy flymo all this time .

    very very impressed with the results , was miles quicker as well !!
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