any 48 hour car test drives at the moment?

Found 23rd Mar 2007
My friend (who usually lives overseas) is back in the uk at the mo and has found that it will cost £40 a week to be added to her mums car insurance. She doesn't need a car much so I thought a 48 hour test drive might be a good idea for her. Does anyone know any dealers that are offering this at the moment? Many thanks
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Now that is taking the P**s...:p
I'd call it using my initiative:giggle: :thumbsup:
If it can be used, it can be abused. Nothing wrong with that.
Toyotas new model, can't remember the name were doing one. I applied online for a 2 day test drive, but the date has come and gone and they didn't contact me. You never know your luck.

Don't forget to leave it back with just 10 millilitres of Petrol !!!
When vauxhall ran one of these there was an apocryphal story along these lines:

Customer: I'd like to try your 48 hour test drive please
Vauxhall: Certainly sir. corsa, astra or vectra
Customer: I don't really mind
Vauxhall: Umm...hatchback, saloon or estate
Customer: I don't really mind
Vauxhall: Err..petrol or diesel
Customer: I don't really mind
Vauxhall: Ok..when for?
Customer: 28th and 29th March please.

That's when their job interview was.

Sorry I can't help on the actual request, I didn't realise they still ran them to be honest!
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