Any A Level ICT Teachers on here ??

    I have an exam on this in january and would like to know the exact date of it, not a good start by not knowing the date lol. My course is Applied Information and Communication Technology and the exam is in Unit 2: How organisations use ICT. I can find it out when im back but if anyone knew it would be great.



    is this with AQA?

    if so your in for a treat.

    i couldnt even complete key skills ICT at AS level....

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    ] try … ] try this.

    Thanks alot for that ! found it ! Rep added


    Thanks alot for that ! found it ! Rep added

    You might not need it yet, but any revision/ coursework advice you might want, then you'll be able to get it here.

    I used this for all my alevels and i'm pretty sure i'd have flopped if i didn't use this!

    Good luck!
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