Any Accountants on here?

Any Accountants on here?

I'm weeks away from graduating from University doing Accountancy and Finance.



My hubs an accountant ACA, did you want to know something?

Used to be 5 year ago

Wasn't for in child care/ primary education:thumbsup:

Original Poster Banned

Oooh right.


Yep, 19 long long years lol ACCA :cry:

Now in Project Management in a non Finance role for past year :-D

Not a good career prospect then?


Not a good career prospect then?

No it is but I have a short attention span :oops:

Good job to fall back on plus do free charity work which looks good on my CV and there is always a need for an accountant

Few of my friends I studied with went on to work abroad, couple still in Bermuda and I got offered a job stateside but was a tad clingy to regrets though
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