any accountants online???

    need some professional advice...:thinking:


    Might want to post the Q - someone might be able to answer.
    Though for anything complex they might want paying lol :P

    doing accouting degree final year..........let me have a shot :oops:

    Original Poster

    lol i know i thought of that but its personal finance...and i need to show them a

    im hoping to get an appointment with an accountant b4 weds...

    what sort of charge do accountants ask>?

    I don't know how busy she is, but I think Emma might be quite good at this... :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    will see if emma replies here incase she is busy or not interested., thanks duckie

    accountants can be expensive. during my placement year my charge out rate was £6 per unit. each unit is 6mins. therefore £60 per hour. Remember i was the junior member....................:-(

    Original Poster

    ive PM you sko :thumbsup:

    yeah expensive but what would we do without them lol

    £60 an hour beats minimum wage eh

    the irony is that i was on minimum wage...............the firm kept the rest:x

    Original Poster

    lol shocking...

    u got ur PM m8

    yeah ive posted a reply.

    hope it helps

    OOOh an accounting emergency!!!

    Just out of interest, what was the query?

    We could start our own bartering service

    Lots of kind techie people have helped me from this site with computer problems.

    There must be a huge variety of skills on this site :whistling:
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