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    hi i need some advice, i got a contract out over 18 months ago for me and my step sister, i didnt want to get her one but she didnt get accepted through the credit check.
    i was told by the bloke in the shop i could get her one in my name and sign it over in her's after a few months with out need of a credit check and he set up the debit in her name coming from her account with the bill sent to her address so thought why not.
    after the few months problem was she failed the credit check after we were told she didnt need one. 18 months down the line her phone contract has ended and she owes them bout £300 and now debt collecters want me to pay in full but tried explaining what had happened and they not havin it. my step sister is willing to take on the debt in her name and pay off but debt collecters say i need to pay it. any advice on what i can do?


    What's the name of the debt collectors?

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    im not sure they just rang me up and said i would need to pay in full.
    i tried explaining it wasnt my bill and that my sister is willing to take on the debt but he says payment need to be paid in full by me or her and that im responsible.
    surely i could get out of this considering i was lied to in the first place, carphone warehouse knows im not responsible because they rang me up enough times asking to speak to me about the debt but when they asked for my postcode they said that it wasnt the right one as the one they had down was my step sisters so they couldnt discuss the matter with me as i didnt know her postcode!

    You just acted as a guarantor so they wouldn't need the credit check. The debt is yours I'm afraid.

    My advice is just pay it. Otherwise it's not going to stop being your problem.

    Once you're sorted then your sister will have to sort something out to pay back the her debt to you.

    Unfortunately sales people will often give mis-leading advice when trying to nail a sell.

    Sorry thats life, just got to learn a lesson from it...



    contract was taken out in your name, therefore your debt


    contract was taken out in your name, therefore your debt

    yep-unfortunately Sassie is right and if you dont pay it then you will get the bad credit rating and ccj against you.

    Cant you arrange to pay and she pays you? she can arrange a standing order to you and you can set up one to cover the debt?

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    i spoke to someone at carphone warehouse about it and she said the same, also that the sales person shouldnt have advised me that and mayb worth going instore to talk to store manager to make complaint and maybe able to sort some thing out but looks like im stuck with the debt and will have to pay it!
    lesson learnt never help any one even including family lol

    There is part truth in what the debt collectors are saying here. The contract was taken out in your name so you are legally responsible for the debt and this is all the debt collectors will see.

    Any reason why your step sister can give you the money and you pay the bill?

    If you can prove that the saleman misled you and misrepresented then it is possible to challenge however these are often difficult to proove especially since it was almost 2 years ago.

    It will go down on your credit file and appear there for 6 years I think, however you can add a notice of correction to the file giving a reason for the debt entry appearing.

    Your other alternative, and it is a long shot at that, is to make a complaint to the Data Protection Registrar and the Credit Reference Agency and basically say to them that the debt is your Step sisters and that you want it transferred to her name/credit file entry. This is by no quick solution and will involve several signed letters from you both to the phone company, credit agency and data protection registrar agreeing who the debt belongs to and that it should be legally transferred. And thats providing there are no objections along the way.

    I had to do this about 10 years ago and it took me about 6 months to get it sorted.
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