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    My 17 month old Kings Charles spaniel dont like the fire works.


    There has been quite a lot about this on TV lately, some saying to ignore them, as passifiying them only adds to their heightened state..... Must say though, I know I wouldn't be able to ignore an animal that was scared.

    If it is REALLY bad the vet can give you xome tablets to calm them down, but lets hope it isn't THAT bad.

    Other advice was to act ormal, so that the doggie doesn't think that anything drastic was up....

    The other thing they were saying was if it isn't too bad take it out on a lead so that it can SEE the Fireworks!?!?!?!


    It is all a bit contradictory in a way - but .... I know what I would be doing .... Trying my hardest to keep the poor cuties as happy as possible, perhaps even take it out for a drive in the car to calm him/her down.....


    yes.. wear earplugs so that you can't hear the dog crying....

    alternatively i know there was a thread earlier where theres a herbal potion that you can put into the dogs water.. its a horrible time of the year for the much loved pooches and pussys,, good luck

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    Thanks guys.

    We just to laugh at the dog and give her a cuddle. Soon grew out of it.

    Just give him a sparkler instead then

    There was another thread on this where someone suggested some kind of drops to put in their water?

    Can t remember what ones though. sorry

    i've got a rotty cross that was terified of them until i brought a minuture jack russell that chased and barked at them he soon snapped out of it and now joins in with her

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    Just give him a sparkler instead then

    Ha Ha very funny:-D

    If it's 17 months old, then it would have been around for last fireworks season, what did you do then?

    my dog loves fireworks, he's a bit mental though, i put it down to him being a springer

    Same here. Bachs rescue remedy from the health shop or supermarket is highly recommended. It`s drops you can put it in water.
    Also the travel sickness pills you get for dogs from the petshop are recommended for calming them down. Cant remember what they`re called at the moment but people in petshop will keep you right. You start to give them a few days before fireworks night.Good luck.

    we alwaysclose curtains to make sure pets can't see the flashing lights and make sure they're in a room where the tv/radio is on at a reasonable volume so they don't get concerned.

    My dog stands at the window with the 2 Eldest kids watching them. lol

    I agree with the Rescue Remedy, it worked on my Mum's German Shepherd who was scared of the door bell!

    my dog just barks

    Just found out that the bachs rescue remedy comes in pastilles too which are also recommended for dogs. Think I might treat mine to them this year as they are always looking for a wee sweetie treat which they`re not allowed!!!!!!!!!! Still got the drops to hand though in case they dont like them. lol
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