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Posted 14th May
I booked a holiday in January for a short break to Spain it was then cancelled and the company emailed to say they would offer a refund credit note of which I agreed (9th April) however to date I have not actually received this confirmation. So I am considering going to the Halifax credit card - but unsure what to do. If the credit card company say no have I burnt my bridges with eventually getting a refund from them ? Any advice you be greatly
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Yep go via credit card company immediately. You will either be given a refund by them, or the resulting investigation will prompt the original company into action. Either way you win.
Just contact the company again?
I have emailed them 3 times and no response since
I had a similar issue with Expedia, they're only offering me a voucher which i don't want and the hotel are only saying go through Expedia.

So i've opened a case with halifax for a chargeback with my credit card. If you have the app go on to support and message them via the live chat, they're very helpful
Well done for paying on a credit card. You are very correct to think of talking to your credit card provider. They have joint responsibility for goods or services valued between £100 and £30,000 under section 75 of the 1974 Consumer Credit act. Google it and read how to do it. or money saving expert have clear advice and templates to help you do it.

Read it carefully before jumping in. Is it your credit card? Was it paid dir3ct or via some scam outfit such as PayPal whereby you probably loose you S75 rights?
Just for info I tried every way to resolve with two companies first, got nowhere. Raised a dispute through credit card, waited ages then phone up credit card to get them to do something and the immediately refunded one and asked for more info in other...within a day, both companies then offering refunds and "hope the refund will go some way to restore your confidence in us" companies are trying to ignore the law in this crisis.
I was promised a partial refund from Disney as our holiday was cut short by 4 days, it took 6 weeks but they eventually refunded (and gave 4 complimentary tickets valid for 5 years). I imagine the massive amount of cancellations and lack of staff is causing delays and communication problems.
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