Any advice for someone with an interview at Curry's?

Found 14th Sep 2009
Like it sez ^^^^

The eldest has an interview at Curry's next week, a few months after becoming another one of Gordon's victims.

Has anyone any advice they can give him about what to expect and what to do for the best chance of landing the job?

Thanks all, rep waiting.
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Considering my awful, awful experience with DSG staff in general I might be, there is a chance he might be a) aiming too low b) over-qualified
be enthusiastic about tech

maybe mention a few sites hes a member of - ciao, avforums

can talk to and educate customers

more importantly

driven to make sales. feels he has the ability to blah blah the usual crap
Always; first impressions count. So a smiley face and wait to be offered a seat etc. Usually, the interviewers mind is made up within the first 3 minutes of an interview. So, it's important that he/she is confident from the off, without being cocky. It's the person that they are interested in as they've already reached the interview stage so the qualifications/experience must already be fine. Baring that in mind, you don't say what the job is for so it's a bit tricky to give any more advice apart that they should be honest throughout the interview and keep eye contact with the interviewer (without being scary). Good luck.
you wont need much when i go in they are generally clueless about most things.......last time I was in they said that I would have to go to pc world for a hdmi cable?
erm, missed the interview like i did at comet and they will still you ring you up asking you to come again
Haha, I had an interview for a job at Currys in the holidays - just big your self up and talk as if you are there to go onto big things at Currys.

I done the interview and the nest morning they phoned me back to tell me that I got the job - but had to decline due to college and travel problems.
The interview will consist of a short maths based question sheet, nothing to hard such as if a customer is given 10% off this price .. how much would they pay etc. Then they ask you the general questions most interviews will ask, the ones i remember off the top of my head were, what would be the best thing about working for then, and what is the worst thing about working for then.

In all honesty it is a fairly simple interview
Sometimes its worth reading up on the company's history to show a real keen interest, maybe know a bit about the profit/loss margins etc for the last few years, generally showing you are interested in working for Currys, even if you really aren't.
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