Any advice on a big high quality bed pillow?

Found 29th Sep 2017
Hey all,

I'm sick of my pillows, and buying pillows! I've purchased some expensive pillows over the years and all have quickly reduced in size to a pancake, or some have distorted badly. Then others have just been totally unsuitable. At the moment I'm doubling up pillows but they are feel so hard! I've tried a variety of pillows, I think at the moment there's hollow fibre ones and memory foam (hate the memory foam!).

So I was wondering if anyone had any advice on a pillow or pillows that are particularly big and soft rather than firm. And ones that last. I see people on TV or films, particularly in American films, and their pillows are always huge and look like a dream to lay on. Where are all these pillows?

I'm a side sleeper, I suffer from migraines too, and quite often my pillows make my head feel worse as they just feel too hard, squashed or firm. I have an Eve mattress which is way better than my previous one but still taking some getting used to.

Any advice? Thanks!
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Only ones I've found to last are Memory foam ones - my current one I've had for at least three years.

But I'm not sure you would consider it as soft, it's very supporting, but I wouldn't call it firm.

Although seeing as you have a memory foam mattress you will know how they feel.

Mine is a contoured pillow as I used to get neck pains from normal pillows not supporting my neck, this one works best on the high contoured side for me.
If you don't like memory foam then try another type of foam. It'll retain it's shape just as well but without the funny feeling of memory foam.
I really don’t like memory foam beds or pillows, but I got a memory foam “blend” pillow that was bought for me as a gift. It is genuinely comfortable and I wouldn’t be without it now:…576
Buy a goose down filled pillow and a protector for each pillow. My experience is they are the only pillow that stays the same as the day it was bought. Expensive, but ultimately worth it as you won't replace it in a hurry. Definitely a wait for the sales item
John Lewis stock large square down pillows and "king size" too. They aren't cheap but you get what you pay for.
American pillows come in two sizes and their beds though called the same as ours are bigger so they need bigger pillows. Try a temper one, expensive but worth it. Used to be you could get a dunlpillow and it last for years and years but more recent reviews weren’t as favourable.
i like the goose down feather but they flatten very quickly so i have two. i sleep on 3 pillows as i like my head to be high up
ive been exactly the same buying tonnes of pillows that quickly end up like a pancake

I stay in a lot of hotels tho and id love to know where some average hotels get theirs from, always plump and have that crunchy sound when you sink into them but they bounce back no problem. If it wasnt with work id take my rotten pillows and swap em lol
I recently bought a dunlopillo from JL for about £70, literally kept it in the wrapping and put on my bed and found that I hated it. Then bought an extra firm pillow from JL for £15 which I am actually finding ok. I'm a side sleeper and have fairly wide shoulders so find I need extra support.

The one I would really like to try though is a Beaumont & Brown Savoy pillow. Medium to firm and used in a lot of top hotels.
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