Any advice on a cheap build PC

    I already have a case, but its an old dell non tower one so probably hard to install. and I own a 350W PSU which is all thats needed.

    Specs need to be

    40 gig Sata HD(or more)
    I already own a mobo
    Pentium 4
    Maybe a case
    DVD recorder(though can get cheap)
    A very basic graphics card(well 256tmb PCI'e) mainly for old games like WOW or Medal Of Honor the original.
    I own a stick of DDR2 ram but would appreciate some more cheap(about 1 gig or more but 512 is ok)

    My mobo supports Core2duo so im building a cheap one for flatmate and in a few months when hes working he can just change around CPU and have a great PC.


    Call your local PC engineer and ask for a price.

    After all, we have all seen what can happen when your let near any PC's

    Original Poster

    As for that lol it was a mobo problem got PC world to replace it.

    Are you wanting to upgrade or actually start from scratch?


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    Start from scratch which is why I asked about a heatsink and fan,

    I own a mobo and PSU so its only a case, CPU fan hard drive and DVD burner.

    Hopefully no more than £100 to be spent.

    IMO Zalman CPU fans are the dogs dangles for the cost! (Although range from £20+)

    HDD?, This ones cheap :…301

    Dvd-rewriter?, This is a very good speed!! :…442

    Case :…b/0

    Only thing with cases is you get what you pay for!

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    Well speed isnt an issue, probably just buying 8x media anyway, and hes not bothered about waiting 20 or so minutes for it to burn.
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