Any advice on building a 4k film collection cheap as I am considering buying Apple Tv 4K

Found 31st Dec 2017
I want build a collection of 4k films on my apple tv on the cheap so any advice would be great :-)
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Buy a 4K tv , Nvidia shield , a good external hard drive , and I would say with in 1 year there will tons of 4K movies floating about to download either on things like terrarium or one of the plenty hooky sites ! Downloading from Apple will be good but very expensive.
Netflix do a 4K account but limited 4K movies .
As mentioned above plenty of places to source 4K content at all kinds of prices and free. In terms of playing it. Buy ourself something that can be used as a NAS (I use a seagate central 2tb I bought from here years ago for something like £60) and pay for MrMc from the apple store on your apple tv and you can play all your media via SMB setup within the app. Providing your net isn't completely pants you'll be able to stream 4K fine
If you prefer to do it the legitimate way make the most of buying iTunes gift cards when on offer in shops I.e. 10-20% off.

Also, download the app 'Cheap Charts' and you can track the films you want when they drop in price.
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