Any advice on conservatory roof ?

Found 15th Dec 2009
I am after something for my conservatory roof to keep in the heat in/out depending on season.

I had a quote for blinds and thought the price of 5 and a half sounded fair. £550 i thought,he meant £5500 Agghhhh!!! So that went out of the window!

I have some blinds around the windows but would like something for the roof, another blind shop said you could buy material and drape it (its in the home fashion books) for a few hundred pounds which would be ok but wouldnt know where to start?

Someone else suggested that sticky stuff you put on car windows (not even sure of name) apparently you just stick it on. Some cars have privacy glass others have this stuck on.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? I might add the roof of the conservatory is proper glass already and not poly. Its self cleaning and is surpose to keep the heat and and cold out etc... However its still either very cold in there or too bright in the summer.

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Some cheese.
im not sure if you can use window film on top of self cleaning glass though the self cleaning surface is only on the outside so you may be able to fit it on the inside but i think its only effective externally, to tell you the truth i dont think they make a lot of difference, I install conservatories and to be honest the best thing i have found for temperature control is a wall air con unit, they fit into your dwarf wall (providing you have one) and can heat/ cool the room and dehumidify all with the same unit, with regards to roof blinds, your talking quite a bit of money, I fitted a conservatory and the lady got some of these blinds fitted when we left, she paid more for the blinds than for the conservatory.
Me have same problem, had thomas sanderson out - £14,000 for blinds for whole conservatory. Quickly showed him the door.
Is your conservatory huge? My gran has just had blinds fitted for the same reason but they cost her £1100. I know that is still a lot mind you!
A mate of mine has just made some, using a book my mum gave her, they are liked roman blinds (I think you call them) so rope going front to back and a pull cord to move the blinds back and forward. I could try to get her to reply in this thread if you like but it wont be till afterr the weekend, let me know
Had same problem. We have a polycarb roof so we have a central heating radiatior in there and have had a suspemded ceiling put in. Insulated in the center leaving gaps around the edge and put some vents in some of the edge tiles so a little heat goes up to stop condensation.

Its like a different room now and useable in the cold where it usually got shut up and left cold. It is now warmer in there when the heating is on and doors shut than in the room next to it.

Got it done by someone I know for £130 but was not much more eleswhere.
5k 14k im in the wrong job, how about something crude like those foil blankets marathon runners wear, put some of them up on some string/wire to reflect the warmth down again, sprinkle some glitter on them to make them christmassy!? It will have about as much effect as some cloth blinds...
Gosh is that how much it costs to install conservatory blinds??


I hope you find something that helps sweets xx
Have a look at this stuff seen it mentioned in a few places before and its supposed to be good.
thanks everyone, i know friend has a poly roof on her conservatory and hers is totally unusuable this time of year. Mine is cold but is standable but i have two radiators in there. We all sit under blankets lol....
Yes com thats how much blinds are.. have some around the outside windows (edge) but don't seem to make much difference and are for privacy more than anything.
Yes rockfella its self cleaning out the outside, i didn't know you stuck it on the outside? With a car its on the inside?
Yes chcukles would help if you could thanks!!
Mummylace, yes the conservatory is huge, it has a proper wall and a dwarf wall.
Will add a picture if i can see if anyone can offer any more suggestions when they see it

Goonie man will have a look thanks!
Hi. Have a recent quote for my 12m x 12m conservatory. 15 pleated roof blinds 3,500. you get all side blinds thrown in. I have 11 so is this a good deal?

Hi. Have a recent quote for my 12m x 12m conservatory. 15 pleated roof … Hi. Have a recent quote for my 12m x 12m conservatory. 15 pleated roof blinds 3,500. you get all side blinds thrown in. I have 11 so is this a good deal?

not sure how good the price is but if youre here to gloat, your 4 years and 6 months too late
4 years , 6 months later..........

I moved house instead !! Haha.
I would be interested to know who supplied them. Sounds reasonable for such a large conservatory.
This was 5 years ago !

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