Any advice on Hover boards

    My daughter is saving up for a hover board . I was thinking of clubbing together and getting one with both sets of grandparents for Christmas instead as it'll take her forever! I know the cheap ones are a no-go with all the media coverage on them exploding but can anyone recommend a good brand to buy. I know I'm looking at £200+



    Segways are at least £5k each...

    Segway is the brand.

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    I meant the little hover boards! Lol I certainly don't have a spare £5k
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    Aren't these illegal still? To be fair, my boss brought his to work, we played on it for a bit and all for bored.

    Swegways/Hoverboards are banned from use on UK public footpaths and roads and only allowed to be used on private land.

    Though I see people use them on pavements/paths, etc where I live

    Read up on them first.
    They are pretty much useless without you have a lot of paved/tarmac land or a really large house, as they are illegal pretty much everywhere else.
    Even then after a few hours she'll get bored and it will end up unused.

    Make sure you have fire cover on your home insurance oO . Otherwise buy her a Hamster .

    As stated - they are illegal to use on pavements and roads - they can only be used on private land with the owners permission

    That said - I doubt the local police will be bothered to enforce the law. AFAIK only one person has ever been convicted but that was because he used it while shoplifting.

    Maybe rather than convictions/cautions the police confiscate them as I don't see many being used compared to the vast sales. As joedastudd pointed out

    Even then after a few hours she'll get bored and it will end up unused.

    Just like that latest gadget you got cheap and is now sitting unused in it's original box after 2 uses?

    Police round here confiscate any that they see on footpaths etc. The take the kid home and educate the parent then confiscate the board for the reasons in the post above.

    My advice - stop calling them hover boards!

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    Ok, she can save for something else then! Lots of kids have them where we are, I never knew they were illegal.
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