Any advice on the best laptop for my 7 year old daughter?


    At the top of my 7 year old daughters christmas list is a laptop.
    Iv been looking on this site recently for any "bargains" but they either seem really expensive as in £500+ or there were a few Netbooks without a dvd drive which is a stumbling block.
    My daughter has an iPad but wants a laptop which suits me as hopefully it will help her with her homework in the years to come.

    So has anybody seen any deals that might suit my criteria?


    A stressed out parent.



    tho nearly a decade old as it would be a childs laptop and therefor more than likely not need the processing power of a gaming or video editing laptop

    i would say something like a t400 or t510 would do nicely for every day tasks such homework and watching dvd, both of witch can be brought or other sellers as grade A for £100 - £200 in good condition, and due to how solid a build the old imb thinkpads are they would last for a good long while, the only down side can be battery life unless you buy a new battery for them as tho the laptop is well built batterys do tend to fail over time (i.e only up to 30 mins run time on batterys), tho for the price bracket they are very nice mix of specs, durability, price and basic every day uses

    i will look around to see what i can find best on price and grade and post a few links…504?hash=item43f581f0a8:g:F5EAAOSw4shX4IxZ…919?var=&hash=item43f953da07:m:maYPknO0KvIcDNUpiLj7oVg…561?hash=item2378391a49:g:DxgAAOSw5cNYOrFM


    tho with all that said, unless your looking only for a macbook (the having an ipad already says you might be and the price of not being able to find anything under £500)

    they are many laptops are for under way under £500 that would suit a child,…997

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    Curry's have some good deals. Here's one of the better ones. Good spec laptop PLUS a printer all within your budget.…dle

    something refurbished for around £200 will do. you can get a good i3 for under £200, so she can play her games like roblox minecraft etc, as well as being able to do her homework. look at argos ebay or ccl. i wouldn't recommend a lower processor as they are slow. good luck

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    It's blue!!!!!!!

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    I understand what you are suggesting though & will look in that area.

    Does it have to be a laptop?

    IF you could get a small desktop for the main room so you can see what she is doing might work out better only due to some negative influences that can be found online.

    The dell mini one for £104 last week would have been perfect.

    You don't state what your budget it is so it is hard to give specific examples but £500 sounds very expensive.
    Personally for my eldest daughter I bought an All in one desktop as felt her sat at a desk using in a controlled manner with limited cables and inability to move was a bonus for a young one and most replicated school use (she has a tablet for less formal use)
    If a laptop is what you are after then as 057097 has stated machines like the Lenovo T series are fairly robust fancy free laptops for business use and lots available cheaply second hand as companies replace thiers. Personally don't like their low resolution screens but these are not top end machines. I would advise aiming for something at least T420 or newer (T400 being oldest then T410 next generation and so on) with at least an i3 although i5 would be better. If keeping costs down and performance up then after buying consider changing to a 256/240GB SSD which would greatly enhance its responsive ness and loads time (would be sluggish prior to this).

    p.s. whilst I wouldn't recommend netbooks although another option is a surface tablet from svp (surface 2 pro at £299 doesn't look bad and is a top quality) whilst this does not have a dvd you can buy external ones and they are becoming needed a lot less.

    example laptop at £150 with windows 10 professional:…tml

    Just search lenovo T440 or T430 or T420 and you will find plenty of companies out there refurbishing them with.

    SVP's surface 2 pro:…tml

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    My budget is as cheap as possible but without buying rubbish... hopefully with a dvd drive.
    I thought initially I would be paying a £100... now I'm guessing it's more like double & maybe more.

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    Thanks for all the guys.

    Hi, I really recommend this…522

    I'm an IT professional and use this for running KODI,browsing hotukdeals and testing my apps.

    My 11 year old son uses one for school and playing casual games etc.. It runs Office 365 perfectly and a micro sd card can be added.

    Hi, I have just bought the purple one of these for my 7 year old for £173.66 (after new account 10% discount & 2.2% TCB, and interest free credit) will be good for homework & web, if you can live without the DVD. I comes with 1 year of Office 365.…053
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