Any advice on travelling to New York?

    Planning on going to New York for a long weekend in November, anyone have any advice on getting deals on flights and also hotels for a decent price?

    7 Comments for a hotel. There is a website dedicated to beating it and getting the best price for your stay.

    I think the competition commision have opened up the route to budget airlines so fares shols come down.

    On my last two trips to New York I've managed to get a great price by buying the flights and hotel together with Expedia. On some packages, buying the hotel with the flights offers quite substantial savings. We last went in December and costed up the flights on their own from Expedia. Price was £630 each return. When we added the hotel into the package, the total price per person for flight and hotel was £490, using the exact same flights. Don't know how this works but could be worth checking it out.

    Be prepared for the OTT airport security and the meat heads that do the security on the empire state building. Apparently for the Empire state, shoes and belts are the new weapon of choice for the modern terrorist.

    i would agree with the above topic regarding expedia. Whe i went a few years ago it was always cheaper to book cheap flights and then get good deals through ie but when i've looked in the last year or so expedia have alweays been the cheapest.

    Just to point out with expedia the price can vary greatly so price a few dates around when you plan to go. flying on a weekday usually is cheapest so i usually type in a few suggestions to see what is cheapest.

    what kind of budget were you thinking of and where were you planning on flying from?

    Sometimes it can be cheaper booking the flights with one company then your hotel with another. It is worth checking booking a package through the likes of Expedia and also checking to see the cost of flights and hotels separately. November is a popular time for visits to New York so if you are going then I would book soon. The longer you leave it the more expensive the flights will be and hotels will fill up quite quickly.

    I used the format given to me on to use the priceline site and managed to get the New York Hilton for £65 per night in May. I was well chuffed :-D (I hope)
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