Any advice would be appreciated for mobile handset upgrade and contract

    My 18 month flext 35 contract is up (900 mins to any network) and I called yesterday to see what I could be offered.

    When I called a few weeks ago, they said because of my status, I should be offered the top handset of my choice, unlimited weekend calls on top of the 900 mins and maybe a discount as well.

    The first person I called seemed to be rather annoying and wasn't helpful at all, she simply told me the unlimited weekend calls offer expired the day before (apparantly it restarted from the september 15th-30th), she can't offer me any discounts and she doesn't know when the new handsets I'm after will be available. :x

    She told me I could get the D900i and she'll offer me the contract for £29 a month, which I thought that wasn't that good of an offer considering what I was told I should be able to get.

    So I called again a little later and was told that the unlimited weekend calls offer expired the night before and it was available for a couple months but if I take the Nokia N95, she'll include the unlimited weekend calls and give me the contract for £30 a month (£5 discount), which seems a good offer.

    I don't particularily like Nokia though and I did have my heart set on the Sony K850i (should hopefully be available this month) or a second choice of Samsung G600 (should be available this week) but if I take those, she'll be able to offer me the £30 a month price but won't be able to include the unlimited weekend calls.

    What do you think I should do and is there a phone that you recommend I take up rather than any of these or do you think I should even wait until the end of the month to see if they bring back the unlimited weekend calls for all handsets again?

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    My brother also mentioned that the Sony P1 is supposed to be a great phone and maybe I should consider waiting for that but I don't want to wait too long, as my current handset is a little battered and bruised now.

    Also the 900 minutes isn't quite enough minutes for me, as I'm on the phone a lot and I normally make a lot of calls for the first week and then i try and hardly make any calls for the rest of the month, which is why the unlimited weekend calls was important.

    Thanks again for any advice.
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